Why today made me realize that cross country is the hardest fucking sport.

So we had a longish run today, 6 miles. It was a mere 95 degrees. 

We all started the first half at an 7:40-8:00 minute pace. 

At mile 4 we were seeing spots, we were dehydrated, hot, and near fainting.

We stopped at 5 but still would have ran that last mile if coach would of let us.

Even though we were puking, fainting, ect. we still ran. Who else would do that besides runners?




basically my only goals right now are to make out and make money

Look, it’s me in the middle running. 6x600 repeats.

Look, it’s me in the middle running. 6x600 repeats.

so tired, def not been eating enough. Ive been broke all week and have like 3 eggs and a box of granola bars. 

Ran 5 this afternoon, hit a flat 8:00 minute mile the last mile even though I thought I was gonna pass out.

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Runners just do it – they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first.
Mile repeats and down pour.

This morning our coach surprised us with mile repeats. I was neither mentally or physically prepared for that. During the warm up my legs felt so stiff and heavy. 

Anyways we had to do 3. Coach wanted me to hit 7 minutes but all of us were slow this morning.

7:17. 7:12, 7:13

And our afternoon was supposed to be 4 miles but it started pouring and I couldn’t see and my shoes were filled with water, so I got 3.6 in. My legs were dead again but somehow I still pulled an 8:15 pace.

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